UNBOX: The Pinoy Tabletop Sessions

Tired of Monopoly? Want to try something new but don’t have much options? Well, fret no more as there is now a growing number of game developers! Gone are the days when our only game options are Uno, Cluedo, and Jenga! In the recent years, as more and more people embrace tabletop gaming, many new games have come to life as well, ranging from dexterity games, educational ones, and even deduction games, among others.

Pinoy Tabletop Session by Yabang Pinoy

What makes this news even more interesting is that the game developers are none other than our fellow Pinoys and Pinays! And what better way to deep dive into local tabletop gaming than to hold Pinoy Tabletop Sessions? This is exactly what Yabang Pinoy, a non-governmental organization promoting nationalism and the pursuit of Filipino Excellence, had in mind.

Last September 14, 2019, Yabang Pinoy hosted an event at the Onboard Game+Gastro Pub, wherein local games were placed in the spotlight. During this one-day event, attendees are free to roam around and get a chance to play with game publishers and developers themselves! There are also complimentary drinks and lots of freebies in store for registrants.

Promoting Nationalism and the Pursuit of Filipino Excellence

Throughout the day, the venue was filled with much laughter and entertainment! Among the games featured was Space Dogs, a game locally developed by Play Platter Games about matching homeless doggos to people who are looking to adopt dogs. We are proud to share that even with the international quality of the artwork and the materials used for the cards, everything about the game is locally made. Even the box and deck of cards are all printed in the Philippines! This is our way of supporting the local industries in their day-to-day operations, by going all local as well.

Of course, Space Dogs was not the only game available for play. Other featured games include Tadhana, 9Lives, and A Single Moment. Pawikan Patrol, Sting-A-Win, and Hugot were also there. This is definitely a day worth remembering when the homegrown talents in the tabletop industry come together as one. Here’s to more new developments in the local gaming community!

UNBOX: The Pinoy Tabletop Sessions was held on September 14, 2019 at Onboard Game+Gastro Pub. This event was done in collaboration with Yabang Pinoy.